To Begin

We will help you identify short, medium and long term goals and objectives.

To do this we will meet with you to

  • Gain a full understanding of your current situation
  • Hear about your dreams and goals for the future
  • Your family situation
  • When you are comfortable in your understanding and attitude to risk

We would then present you with a Statement of Advice (SOA) which is a document outlining all the things we have discussed and our recommendations and the process involved in implementing these.

This document is your Financial Plan to keep and can be reviewed at any time you choose but we will also follow up each year

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Protecting you

Understanding the importance of protecting your lifestyle

There are many events that could cause a serious disruption to your lifestyle and these disruptions have financial and emotional consequences. Disruption usually occurs when you least expect it and as a result emotional strain will be followed quickly by financial strain.

Losing your ability to generate an income may have serious consequences on your long-term financial security. Insurance removes some of the financial hardship by transferring the financial risk to a life insurance company.

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Let’s talk super

Superannuation is an investment for your future. Superannuation advice focuses on efficiently accumulating wealth to provide for your retirement. Pinnacle Advisory Services Group provides advice on establishing suitable structures and vehicles to build wealth to provide you with income in retirement. Of course, we are also here to help with simple consolidation or a restructure of your existing superannuation.

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How is your budget?

How is your budget?

Personal situations can often mean adjustments to our budget. Most of us would like to build wealth but are unsure of how to go about it. It’s a good practice to review your budget each year to help keep you on track. It’s a great tool to use to see where your money is being spent and how minor changes could make a big difference to your future financial security.

Wealth Creation

PASG aims to direct your decisions in how your income is produced or distributed to make the most of it. We will provide:
  • Access to appropriate assets either directly or via a managed fund and or ETF solution
  • To ensure wealth is secured by structured insurance solutions
  • In the research of investments recommended by gaining access to Charter Financial Planning’s investment compliance team.
  • Good financial advice can help you balance your investments, understanding your options, avoid mistakes and help you on the right path to financial security. For more information contact us and we will help you create wealth.

    Service and review

    Part of the service PASG offer is a regular review on your progress to ensure our initial advice is still appropriate and effective to your current situation. Adjustments may need to be made along your financial journey. With a good Financial Plan you should not feel alone. Your role is to keep us informed of any change in circumstances and our role is to modify and amend where necessary, always with your approval of course.

    Get started

    Contact us today on 02 9527 7233 Or email to How can we help you? OUR COMMITMENT To ensure honest and personalised advice in the areas of life insurance, trauma insurance, income protection, superannuation, retirement planning and investments which will assist you now and in the future.