Superannuation is an investment for your future. Superannuation advice focuses on efficiently accumulating wealth to provide for your retirement. Pinnacle Advisory Services Group provides advice on establishing suitable structures and vehicles to build wealth to provide you with income in retirement. Of course, we are also here to help with simple consolidation or a restructure of your existing superannuation.

Our superannuation advice includes:

  • Investment of your portfolio
  • Structuring of personal insurance within a concessionally taxed environment
  • Estate planning decisions – what happens to your super if something happens to you
  • Salary sacrifice strategies
  • Transition to retirement strategies
  • Co-contribution advice
  • Spouse contributions
  • Employer and self-employment contribution advice
  • Contribution limits
  • Building wealth with the goal of delivering a highly tax effective income stream in retirement


Investing in the share market is not only a potential wealth creation vehicle, but also a hobby for many. One of the main benefits of investing in shares is that unlike purchasing property, the ‘barriers to entry’ are relatively low (ie. You can begin a portfolio with as little as $500). With advances in technology, the ability to buy shares, access company information and track the value of your investment over time is easier than ever before.
Having said this, recent world events have shown that this type of investment does not come without risk. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you have a sound investment plan in place, regularly review your portfolio and ensure you have strategies in place to reduce risk in your share portfolio.

For more information contact us and we will help you begin your investment journey.

Retirement Planning

In the years leading up to retirement our focus changes and we probably think less of buying a home or paying a mortgage and more about how we will manage during retirement. Most of us would like to be able to have a comfortable retirement – we see this as the time to reap the rewards of our working life.

Pinnacle Advisory Services Group aims to calculate the capital required, and develop strategies to use your income and assets to build the capital necessary to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. We aim to use strategies that are both tax and Centrelink efficient to achieve this goal.

To enjoy an active retirement it’s important to plan before you stop work. You should ask your financial adviser:

  • how can I ensure my money lasts
  • what are the ways I can draw an income in retirement
  • what about centrelink entitlements/considerations
  • how do I protect my assets for my family

For more information contact us and we will help you begin your retirement journey.